ReechCraft Bronco
Frequently Asked Questions
How does the Bronco create level surfaces?

Our product uses three, fully adjustable legs. Unlike ladders, scaffolds and sawhorses, the Bronco can be raised and lowered on three independent axes.

What safety standards does the Bronco comply with?

The Bronco is OSHA compliant. We recommend checking local safety codes when using a Bronco for the first time.

How do I know I will be safe using a Bronco?

The Bronco is designed to create a level work surface using its tripod format, and each leg is fitted with steel locking pins that engage every 1 1/2 in. The feet also have rubber covers that provide extra traction.

How high can a Bronco reach?

Our Broncos can form platforms from 3 to 5 ft because of their telescoping legs. This allows most users to reach up to 12 ft.

How much weight can a Bronco hold?

A singular Bronco can hold up to 300 lb, meaning two Broncos set up in a scaffolding array can hold up to 600 lb.

How wide can platforms be for use with Broncos?

Our design comfortably fits platforms up to 2 ft in width.

What is TwistLok™?

TwistLok™ is the name for the Bronco’s adjustable leg design that creates level platforms on any terrain. All you need to do is PUSH  the steel locking pin, TWIST and PULL the legs, then LOCK them into position.

Are Broncos easy to move?

Yes. Each Bronco weighs only 16 lb and the spreader support bar is designed to double as a handle.

How wide do the Bronco legs spread?

The base legs spread up to 42 in., depending on the needs of your space.

Can I get replacements for the rubber feet covers?

Yes. You can purchase spare feet covers from ReechCraft here.

How do I get answers to questions that are not in the FAQs on this page?
Please contact us via phone at 888-600-6160, email at info@reechcraft.com or on our Contact Us website page.
Mike Scharnell
VER Sales Inc.

PowerLift performs perfectly! We had a major client invite us to a trial along with other Aerial Work Platforms. PowerLift performed perfectly with 27 “solves” out of 27 tests. No other AWP at any price performed as well.

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