The Voice of Our Customers

At ReechCraft, we understand that the quality of access products on site can be the difference between a project going smoothly and a project getting laden with setbacks. Our ultimate goal is to make access easy so that you can focus on getting the job done exactly the way you want to.

The proof of our quality work is in our valued customers, who buy and rent our products in both our local community and around the world. Don’t just take our word for it. See what they have to say:

PowerLift logo

“I LOVE this machine”

“Finally used it on a customer job – I LOVE this machine. Very easy for one guy to move the PowerLift – it’s well balanced and easy to set up!”

Gene Abraham,


A fantastic addition!

“The most amazing, portable, cutting edge piece of machinery that I have purchased for my business in years. I am now saying ‘yes’ to contracts that I could never have even entertained doing previously. There is no doubt that productivity has been increased due to the PowerLift. We work easier, faster and most importantly safer. A fantastic addition.”

Randall Martin,

Electrical Proven

An amazing piece of machinery!

“An amazing piece of machinery that we have integrated into our business. We use the PowerLift across our entire portfolio for a myriad of applications. The PowerLift’s portability and ease of operation has ultimately saved us time and money. The constant battles that we and many other businesses face with working at height have just been made a hell of a lot easier.”

Brett Munro,

Munro Group

Affordable, practical and safe!

“Well done ReechCraft, the PowerLift has proven to be an affordable, practical and safe tool for our business. We are accessing areas that would previously have cost us a considerable amount of money hiring either scissor lifts or static scaffolding in order to complete a job that can take ten minutes. As a lot of our work is at height, we have found the PowerLift to be incredible.”

Phil Jackson,

Decor Blinds Australia

Mind blowing!

“Its mind blowing how simple and easy the PowerLift is. As an electrician constantly working at height, this has allowed me to literally do more jobs in a week. I have cut down on scissor lift hire ten fold and I am taking on more work, which ultimately means more money in my pocket.”

Rory Baker,

Kagaroo Electrical

Safe, efficient and now ‘indispensable’!

“Finally we have discovered a very safe, efficient and now ‘indispensable’ product to solve all our working at height demands at OzCare. With the ReechCraft PowerLift, we have found that we can now ‘just do it!’. No longer are we experiencing lengthy delays and high costs, through scissor lift and scaffold hire. The PowerLift is so light, portable and so easy. The fact that just one man can push it from job to job and operate the PowerLift by themselves is just fantastic. It’s a game changer.”

Russell Young,


Very helpful!

“We had an issue with gaining access to certain areas of our plant. Working at height in these areas was an ongoing problem for us. Our productivity was hamstrung. We implemented the ReechCraft PowerLift to solve this problem. It has proven to be an effective method of working at height for us. A very helpful product indeed.”

Pramil Agrawal,

Visy Pulp + Paper

PowerLift performs perfectly!

“PowerLift performs perfectly! We had a major client invite us to a trial along with other Aerial Work Platforms. PowerLift performed perfectly with 27 “solves” out of 27 tests. No other AWP at any price performed as well.”

Mike Scharnell,

VER Sales Inc. in Burbank, CA

Fantastic product!

“The PowerLift is a fantastic product for our facility, especially servicing the lights in the racquetball courts. Nothing else has the right combination of being lightweight to protect the floors, breaks down to carry through the small doors, and provides the needed reach to the ceilings.”

Steve Nelson, Property Manager,

Fergus Falls YMCA

Amazing maneuverability!

“The maneuverability of PowerLift is amazing! We can use it in tight spaces one day indoors, and the next day roll it out on the turf and work in trees or light poles.”

Jan Aaris,

Desert Specialty Rigging, Las Vegas, NV

Save time and money with the PowerLift!

“PowerLift conservatively saved our subcontractor approximately 10,000 dollars and about a week’s worth of work.”

Ron Hansen,

John T. Jones Construction Co.

Provides more capabilities on installs!

“The PowerLift provides us with more capabilities on installs, especially in stores and tight spaces. We utilize the lift to add new graphics to our sign shop too!”

Heritage Printing

ReechCraft PowerMast logo

PowerMast easily wraps around corners!

“PowerMast can easily wrap around corners. The ability to wrap around a corner is accomplished very nicely with ReechCraft’s PowerMast.”

Mike Scharnell,

VER Sales Inc. in Burbank, CA

reechcraft powerpole logo

PowerPole is a money saver!

“It costs me over a dollar a minute when we’re not on the wall; we’ve already saved big dollars with the PowerPole, that’s why I demanded another set for the school job.”

Larry Dirken,

Austin, TX

Save labor with the PowerPole!

“I waited too long to buy these. During my twenty-plus years in the business, I’ve tried every labor saving tool, bit and blade known; some work and some don’t…these work!”

Rupert J. Gill,

Red Creek, NY

Bronco Logo

Long lasting Broncos!

“Have used Broncos since they came out. They are still working like new after all these years!”


The Bronco is stable on uneven terrain!

“I was quite pleased with how stable they felt and how easy it was to adjust them into a level position on rough uneven terrain.”

William F. Dorsey,

Willoughby, OH

Praise for the Bronco!

“They truly are life savers. I’ve used mine for mostly siding and windows, but they have many more uses. With three legs, they are more balanced than a traditional sawhorse and can accommodate almost any terrain.”

Josh Shipton,

Spring Valley, MN

See why our customers love the Bronco!

“​I have had a pair of Broncos for many years. They are the fantastic here on the East coast where people are wont to build houses on cliffs, banks and atop boulders. Seeing them on the job has led quite a few others to ask where to get them.”

Noah Keith-Hardy,

Georgetown, ME

Bronco is adjustable and versatile!

I used to use a couple of my tripod ladders but always fought trying to level them and the plank only fits so high up on the rungs. These will get you to a reach height of 12 ft. Having three adjustable legs and a tripod set up makes them incredibly stable and versatile. I’ll be using these a lot!

Greg Lopez,

Lopez Building and Remodeling of Olympia, WA

ReechCraft Panel Jack logo

Strong, safe and adjustable!

“The Reechcraft PanelJack system is strong, safe, adjustable, versatile and lightweight. The PanelJack bracing system allows me to provide my customer with a straight wall. Your service has been outstanding. Your knowledge and expertise has been helpful on several occasions. When I needed a large order of braces, with less than a week’s notice, you had them delivered in five days. Thanks!”

Richard Barker,

PolySteel of Northern Utah

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