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PowerMast System Components
Choose one of the accessories below and learn more. The variation of PowerMast accessories and components helps it adapt to any project.
Tools-Free Mast Connection
The PowerMast features a quick, tools-free connection to ensure efficiency and safety while stacking masts. Each mast includes a redundant locking feature that requires each mast connection to be locked in place before raising the climbing unit.
Adjustable Tie
The PowerMast Adjustable Tie provides a wide variety of attachment options for the PowerMast system. Bring the mast 6 in. to 16 in. away from the wall with this bracket (extra extension tubes can be made to extend further).
ReechCraft’s exclusive, easy-to-use drill operation
features a durable gearbox that eliminates the use of electrical components and keeps the system lightweight.
Climbing Unit
The PowerMast Climbing Unit features a gearbox with overload clutch, overspeed brake and drop-stop lever.
Platform Support
The PowerMast Platform Support fastens to the climbing unit with four, quick-locking pins. It’s adjustable in order to accommodate most platforms and rail systems.
Platform and Basket
Compatible with up to 30 in. modular deck or railed walkboards. The 6 ft Platform Basket can fit two people comfortably, is lightweight, provides easy access and excels as a freestanding option.
Base Foot
The PowerMast Base Foot uses the same quick connection as the masts, while providing a bottom stop for the climbing unit. This base can also be anchored to the ground surface.
The ReechCraft PowerMast makes your job easy, convenient and safe!
Mike Scharnell
VER Sales Inc.

PowerMast can easily wrap around corners. The ability to wrap around a corner is accomplished very nicely with ReechCraft’s PowerMast.

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