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Tuckpointing with PowerMast

Tuckpointing with PowerMast

Thank you for your interest in ReechCraft! Since our founding in 1993, ReechCraft has set itself apart with innovative products and first-rate services. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond to the market with our durable product solutions. Today, we are eager to tell you how ReechCraft’s PowerMast helped a Kansas City company complete tuckpointing on a six-building complex. 

KC Scaffold has over 40 years of experience delivering scaffolding services and products, including a full line of scaffolding and accessories. Locarno Plaza, an upscale apartment complex located along Brush Creek in Kansas City, MO, had six buildings that required tuckpointing. (FYI: Tuckpointing is the process of removing old mortar from joints and replacing it with new mortar in order to avoid structural and water damage and to improve the overall look of the structure). This was a project that required safe and easy access to these busy apartment buildings. Besides being located along a steep hillside, it was necessary to maintain access to garage doors and a docking door that were still being utilized during the restoration work, as well as allowing the several hundred residents to come and go.

KC Scaffolding installed a ReechCraft PowerMast twin system above standard scaffolding to allow the loading dock to be accessed at all times during the project. PowerMast has versatility to be installed where others cannot. The twin mast system and platform spanned the entire width of the building to maximize work efficiency. Workers could easily access all surfaces of the building’s exterior at a comfortable height and could keep all of their tools handy!

Tuckpointing with PowerMast

PowerMast can be assembled (and disassembled) quickly, even when used for a 10-story building like this one. The twin system’s 1500 lb capacity was great for moving workers, tools, and supplies for this application. PowerMast can accommodate any platform length, which was a major plus for this job with several different building profiles and layouts. Sean Connolly at KC Scaffold told us, “The ReechCraft Powermast worked out great for this application!”

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Since our founding in 1993, ReechCraft has set itself apart with innovative products and first-rate services. We strive to find new access solutions to meet the needs of every craftsman. If you have questions about any of our American-made products, have a custom application, want to place an order or would like additional information about our dealer program, give us a call at (888) 600-6160 or fill out our online contact form.

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