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Warranty Claim Procedure

In the event that a warranty claim file needs to be opened, contact Reechcraft to facilitate the process. During the warranty process, you will be required to submit the product type, serial number, copy of your warranty registration, copy of the invoice and/or date of purchase. To open a warranty claim, follow the steps below:

  • You can submit a claim by emailing Customer Service at (subject line: Warranty + Your Company Name) or by calling our Customer Service department at (888) 600-6160.
  • Claims require a Warranty Claim Form provided by Customer Service to be filled out by the customer. Be sure to fill in the required fields with the detailed description of the symptoms of the breakdown, failure, or malfunction of the product.
  • Reechcraft will assist in determining the next steps and the appropriate course of action.
  • Reechcraft will try to determine at first contact whether the problem is covered under warranty. If there is any doubt, you may be asked to return related parts and or components to the factory for inspection and or return. A Return Materials Authorization (RMA) with the necessary shipping instructions will be provided. ReechCraft is not responsible for product shipped back to our manufacturing facility without an (RMA).
  • If warranty has been approved, Reechcraft will supply replacement parts, product or repair at no charge. If warranty approval is pending, parts must be purchased at normal pricing terms and a credit or refund will be issued at such time warranty is approved. Reechcraft’s obligation and liability on any Products that ReechCraft has determined to have been defective in materials or workmanship shall be limited to the repair or replacement of the Product, at the sole option of ReechCraft.
  • If warranty has not been approved any items or product shipped back to ReechCraft for inspection may be returned to the original owner at the original owners own shipping expense.
  • Upon approval of the claim, and if a credit is due over and above the replacement of parts Reechcraft will either apply a credit or refund to the same method of payment used to purchase the parts or apply a credit to the customer’s ReechCraft account good towards future purchases.
  • Labor, travel time, mileage, lost income or down time and shipping and freight costs are not covered under this warranty.
What You’ll Need:
  • Date of Purchase
  • Product Type
  • Serial Number
  • Invoice Number
  • Copy of Warranty Registration
  • Copy of Invoice
  • Detailed Description of Symptoms
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